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03 April (14:00 – 17:30)

Policy, instruments and resources

Official Language: IT – By invitation only

The Piedmont Region is ready to launch a regional strategy to boost social innovation process and practices. The workshop aims at bringing to the table the local public administration and stakeholders that will be asked to implement the strategy. The Region will interact with them and open up a debate with the other Italian Regions.


REGISTRATION: 14.00 – 14.15

INTRODUCTION: 14.15 – 14.30

Michelangelo Belletti, Open Incet, Model and processes of social innovation


FIRST SESSION: 14.30 -15.30

Tiziana Ciampolini, CEO, S-NODI

Giorgio Centurelli, (National Expert European Structural Funds)

Stefania Fumagalli, Local Development Office Manager, Coldiretti

Mauro Soli, (Consultant AT POR FSE Toscana – PWC and FGB)


Ore 15.30-16.30: ROUNDTABLE

Moderator: Marco Riva, Open Incet


Augusto Ferrari, Social Policies Councellor, Piedmont Region

Rita Visini, Social Policies Councellor, Lazio Region

Virginia Mura, Labour and Social Protection Councellor, Sardinia Region


Ore 16.30-17.00: Regione Piemonte Strategy of social Innovation

Gianfranco Bordone,  Regione Piemonte’s ESF Managing  Authority

Venue: SALA 2

Open Incet, via Cigna 96/17 Torino

05 April (9:30 – 12:00)

Automation 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Labor/Industrial Relations

Official language: IT

Automation 4.0 could boost economic growth by creating new types of jobs and improving efficiency in many businesses. But it also points to uncertain effects: job destruction, work organization revolution, digital work, new HR models, reshaped functions of firm-level bargaining.  The skills in which humans have maintained a comparative advantage are likely to erode over time as new technologies become more sophisticated. The workshop is aimed at highlighting to what extent and how Labor and Industrial Relations should face with this complex frame


Registration: 9:30 – 10:00

Welcome greetings  

Giuseppina De Santis, Piedmont Region, Industry, Trade, Energy, Innovation and Research Counsellor *


Tiziano Treu, Professor, University of Milan Cattolica

Marco Bentivogli, General Secretary FIM CISL

Stefano Franchi, Director, Federmeccanica

Emilio Paolucci, Vice Rector for Technology Transfer, Polytechnic of Turin *

Marcello Baricco, Vice Rector for Simplification, University of Turin

 Moderator: Michele Faioli, Professor, University of Rome

Venue: SALA 3

Open Incet, via Cigna 96/17 Torino

05 April (15:30 – 22:00)

Boosting Social Innovation TSI results and new measures supporting social innovation

Official language: IT

Turin is the first city in Italy to have a programme promoting and supporting new entrepreneurial  ideas in the field of social innovation, realised through FaciliTo Giovani and Torino Social Innovation. In 2016 the City of Turin has also been awarded the second prize as European Capital of Innovation, tanks to the City’s open innovation approach in supporting startups with social impact and ability to create new market opportunities for innovation.

This event represents the opportunity to show the results of the programme Torino Social Innovation which is in its final stage, discuss about future scenarios of social innovation in European cities – among them Torino and other two cities of the Boostinno network participating to the event- and know the startups supported by the programme and the local ecosystem.

During the event the two social innovation measures of Pon Metro Torino will be launched.


15:30 Opening exhibition area startups FaciliTO Giovani

Startup: 3doers, Bici-t, Cityteller, Ecovivo, Edrop, Functionable, Impact Hub Torino, Incibus, LastMinuteSottoCasa, Lektro Innovation, Maieutical Labs, Next, Officine Innesto, Opossum, Pony Zero, Sherlock, Shibuse, Solido Collettivo, SportGrandTour, StayDo, Synapta, Tiny Bull Studios, Vesto Libero, W-LAMP, You Are My Guide

16:00 Opening and Welcome

Chiara Appendino, Major of the City of Turin

Fabio Sgaragli, Open Incet

16:20 Round Table 1 | IMPACT

Turin European capital of social innovation, the results of “Torino Social Innovation”

Moderator: Gianfranco Presutti, City of Turin

Tsi results: Fabrizio Barbiero, City of Turin

Guests: the first level partner of TSI: Marco Cantamessa, President of I3P – Polytechnic of Turin Incubator; Giuseppe Serrao, Director of 2I3T University of Turin Incubator; Mario Lupo, Metropolitan City of Turin; Francesca Vanzetti President of Codex.

Startups supported by FaciliTo Giovani: Impact Hub Torino, Pony Zero, StayDo.

17:30 Keynote speech |SCENARIOS

A new generation of social entrepreneurship for urban development

Prof. Mario Calderini, Polytechnic of Milan, School of Management, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Social Impact Agenda for Italy.

17:45 Round Table 2 | SHARING

Social innovation among proximity, digital, design and finance. Tools and policies compared

Moderator: Laura Orestano (Social Fare)

Guests: Marco Giusta, City Councillor for Youth and Equal Opportunities; Enric Miravitllas, Director of Barcelona Activa; Patrick Trannoy, City of Paris; Francesca Rizzo e Alessandro Deserti, SIC – Social Innovation Community, Horizon 2020; Laura Colini, Programme Expert URBACT; Annalisa Gramigna, ANCI Research Area.

18:45 FUTURE | PON METRO Torino: launch of the 2 new social innovation measures of the City of Turin

Moderator:  Gianfranco Presutti, City of Turin

Guests: Giorgio Martini, PON Management Authority and Agency for Territorial Cohesion; Alberto Sacco (City Councillor for Trade and Work),  Marco Giusta (City Councillor for Youth and Equal Opportunities).

 19:15 Closing

19:30 Exhibition area startups FaciliTo Giovani – Networking – Appetizer


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Venue: SALA 2

Open Incet, via Cigna 96/17 Torino

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